All of the stalls at the amphitheatre were crowded on July 20th. Many teachers roamed around to support the students, all trying to pass this nine-credit internal. Even Mr Hargreaves was there!

Mr Hargreaves buying products from the Year 12 Business students (Photography by Phoebe James)
The crowds surrounding the stalls on July 20th (Photography by Phoebe James)

Students strolled around, looking at the wide array of products being sold there. Whether it was candles or ‘Mac Shades’, every single product was of great value and quality; very appealing to the students.

Zacke Rooke and Christian Jones selling ‘Mac Coasters’ (Photography by Emma Li)

The Year 12 NCEA Business students were finally putting their theoretical business plans into practice, and began to open up for ‘real business.’ The students have been working all year to attempt at grabbing a big nine credits for their massive internal. Students are graded on their business plan, execution, and understanding of how a business works.

The first two terms mostly consisted of theory lessons. Students are put into teams of three and come up with a business plan. In class, students learn how a business operates internally and externally, and themes such as corporal social responsibility. Term 3, this term, is the mega internal many business students are attempting to score highly on. 

After the first business day on the 20th of July, the students had a second day to prepare for. This time is used to reevaluate plans, change things around, and decide on which things they could improve on. 

The second business day was on August 3rd, and it was just as busy as the first. Some students changed their plans completely, while others stuck with their original. Many stalls had significant improvements from the previous version; for example, much more decorated and improved designs, while some others outright had refurbished products.

But, the successful stalls went along with their original business plan – like Mac Shades, yelling ‘MAC SHADES’ as a form of advertising.

Mr Askin wth the Mac Shades stall (@mac.shades on Instagram) (Photography by Emma Li)

Every single business study student had something to offer. Whether it was headbands or candles, slime to jewellery. It was, overall, a very satisfying two days.

6th August, 2023
Emma Li
Photography by Phoebe James and Emma Li

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