On Monday 18th of September, every house offered up a team of eight members to participate in the annual inter-house chalk competition. Teams were given a bucket of chalk but were allowed to bring their own materials. The competition ran for around an hour and a half, letting each team cover everyone in complete chalk dust. 

This year’s theme was “Ambition at Macleans”. Teams were to create a piece that would show their perspective of the importance and significance of ‘ambition’, and to portray it in a one metre by one metre square. Over the span of the hour given, every house worked diligently on their artwork. When the second bell for lunch was signalled, everyone was forced to put their hands up.

“It’s every house for themselves.”

– Kieran John-Francke, Kupe House Captain

Although the chalk art competition is seen as a friendly, casual, and peaceful session for everyone to get chalk stains on their uniform, sometimes it can be the brutal opposite. Chalks were taken if left unattended, especially the crucial shades like black and white.

A display of artistic ability from Batten to Upham.

The winner for the competition came out to Kupe, with Te Kanawa, Mansfield, and Batten close behind in that order.

A big thank you to the student council and everyone who helped to organise this event. And a big congratulations to everyone who participated!

30th September, 2023
Written by Emma Li, edited by Aaron Huang and Clarissa Oblefias
Photography by Daniel Hulley

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