On the 27th of April, every single Macleans student ran the Cross country course with no exceptions. This classic annual event has been going on for as long as anyone can remember, the four-kilometre run has become muscle memory to many at this point.  House spirit was high, and students bonded together by encouraging each other throughout the run. For the students who weren’t actively running, they were actively cheering on their peers and friends. 

Students were split off into six different groups, ranging from age and year group. 

Junior Girls Division

1st Place – India Crowhurst (Te Kanawa Year 9)
2nd Place – Millie Wareing (Batten Year 9)
3rd Place – Lucia Gunson (Hilliary Year 9)

The runners-up were Lexie McCormich from Batten and Olivia Brazier from Te Kanawa.

Intermediate Girls Division

1st Place – Zoe Brazier (Te Kanawa Year 10)
2nd Place – Mia Young (Mansfield Year 12)
3rd Place – Adrizaan Lewis (Snell Year 11)

The runner-ups were Kate Lindsay from Kupe and Josephine Zhao from Mansfield.

Senior Girls Division

1st Place – Zoe Benson (Te Kanawa Year 12)
2nd Place – Danielle Asiata (Batten Year 12)
3rd Place – Sophia Urlich (Te Kanawa Year 13)

The runners-up were Kendal Penney from Snell and Jessica Wang from Hillary.

Junior Boys Division

1st Place – Moojin Lee (Upham Year 9)
2nd Place – Keagan Gouws (Mansfield Year 10)
3rd Place – James Whiteley (Kupe Year 9)

The runners-up were  Aidan Taylor from Mansfield and Luke Meiring from Batten.

Intermediate Boys Division

1st Place – Ben Oxford (Kupe Year 11)
2nd Place – Noah Crowhurst (Batten Year 12)
3rd Place – Flynn Healy (Mansfield Year 10)

The runners-up were Brayden Larcombe from Te Kanawa and Archie Thompson from Batten.

Senior Boys Division

1st Place – Connor Boulton (Mansfield Year 12)
2nd Place – Dion Wallwork (Upham Year 13)
3rd Place –  Connor Jamieson (Kupe Year 12)

The runners-up were James Trathen from Snell and Dante Anderson from Batten.

Overall, the 2023 Macleans cross country was another successful event that pushed students to the limit of their ability and courage. This year, Mansfield House took the house shield for cross country, finally dethroning Snell. Te Kanawa and Kupe followed. Well done everyone!

7th May, 2023
Emma Li

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