The annual Extracurricular Expo was held at the gym on Friday, the 1st of March. Students got a taste of the hundreds of extracurricular activities that Macleans has to offer. 

As one of the cornerstones of Macleans College, there has hardly been a lack of encouragement to join clubs or groups and participate in competitions. 


There is one phrase that every student has heard during their time at Macleans: “Try something new.” Whether it is preached by Deputy Principals, House Leaders, Head Prefects or Peer Support Leaders, this phrase becomes a daily reminder to get involved. The expo definitely served as a way to respond to this call to action to join an extracurricular.

This was a chance for students of all year levels to witness the gym turning into a melting pot of sports, cultural, and service activities. A plethora of student leaders participated in demonstrations, eagerly explaining and answering questions about their extracurricular activities. 


The year nine students got the special opportunity to visit the stalls before the rest of the school to spark interest, make new connections or simply just to ask questions about a club that they’re interested in. Comparatively, newer extracurricular activities have also emerged; offering sign-up sheets, trial dates and expressions of interest. 

These diverse extracurriculars serve as a place of belonging, a place to bond over shared interests, cultures and sporting rigour. So the significance of these activities lies beyond the field or the classroom, making it instead about the friends made, the connections fostered and some of the best experiences at Macleans College.

Engagement in extracurricular activities offers much more than just recreational benefits. These groups often extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. The skills and expertise learned from these activities set up future opportunities such as internships, career pathways and university applications. 


From Martial Arts to Robotics, Macleans truly has something for everyone and this event once again, serves as a reminder to get stuck in, get involved and try something new!

8th March, 2024
Written by Amelia Hu, edited by Aaron Huang
Photos by Nathan Rao

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