After a long day of rain, races, and more rain, Batten finally came out on top when it counted. Athletics Finals Day was held on Tuesday the 27th of February at Lloyd Elsmore, with all the highest placing competitors from prelims competing in front of the whole of Macleans. Batten gained the most points throughout the three days and came first. Snell was a close second, followed by Mansfield and Hillary.

The Athletic Champions from each year were:
Year 9: Jessica Walton (Batten) and Tighe Healy (Mansfield)
Year 10: T.J. Jacobs (Upham) and Kalan Naidoo (Snell)
Year 11: Kayla Thackwray (Hillary) and Rikus Botha (Upham)
Year 12: Rhianna Burt (Snell) and Daniel Mullens (Kupe)
Year 13: Danielle Asiata (Batten) and Kaiden Warren (Mansfield)

Finals Day ended with the highly anticipated relays and a dominant display from the prefects over both teacher teams. Danielle Asiata, Kaiden Warren, and Millie Thompson created a far enough lead that Jay Kim was able to take it all the way in the last leg in order to beat Mr Hargreaves.

Athletics has always been a time to celebrate and acknowledge the talent that fills Macleans, and this year was no different. However, it’s only ever successful thanks to the resilience of every single student both on and off track and the consistent efforts of the staff, so well done to everyone for contributing to an amazing three days!

Hillary House’s chant
Rihanna Burt (Year 12 Athletics Champion) in a track final
Year 13 Girls Relay
Year 13 Boys Hurdles
Mr Hargreaves before the prefects vs. teachers relay

13th March, 2024
Written by Ally Chu, edited by Aaron Huang and Joseph Zhang
Photography by Joseph Zhang

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