The Colour Run was hosted on the 24th of March, when the sun was high and bright, and the colours vibrant and joyous. At the Bentley Pavilion, around 150 people came with their white t-shirts ready to be washed in colourful dye. The course was a great loop that stretched over four kilometres, both starting and ending at the Pavilion. From the stunning views across the field to the much-needed shade in the bush, the route was anything but boring.

As participants ran through the course, students from various Macleans Hockey teams had cans of powdered dye ready to be thrown. There were a variety of colours, including pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow, creating a saturated canvas on everyone’s white shirt. Some people even had their hair dyed! 

The Howick Fire and Emergency Station made a special appearance, spraying participants with water hoses as they rushed through the course. They also provided a spray-off at the end, letting participants get drenched in water as the dye washed off. But despite this, all the white shirts provided at the beginning were turned into chaotic splashes of colour at the end.

This event was a fundraiser for the Macleans College Premier Hockey team, as they will be going overseas to compete in the 2024 Hockey Australian Tournament. All the funds made will be put towards the costs, such as gear, equipment, and travel costs. At the end of the run, there were raffles and spot prizes that were up for grabs.

Thank you to all the participants and sponsors for coming in to support our school.

Written by Emma Li, edited by Hope Zhang and Aaron Huang
Photography by Emma Li

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