ShowQuest is a truly phenomenal competition attended nationwide by competitive dance students. Every year, students train incredibly hard from early morning to late at night to ensure they rank among the top. This year, the ShowQuest competition came unexpectedly early – by almost a month – and was held on the 13th of June in the Aotea Centre.

Here at Macleans College, we have our own premier dance group who train rigorously.  The audition process starts early in the year and is run independently by a group of student leaders. A dance is taught to everyone auditioning and the team is then formed based on their performance. The leaders of ShowQuest organise almost everything. 

This year, our school’s team chose their theme about self-discovery and conformity within society. The dance followed a story about a girl named Leana who is at first pink and bright. But soon enough, her friends and the people around her – which is symbolised as a society – pressure her into changing herself in order to fit in. 

In the end, Macleans College won numerous awards including: best lighting, best public speaking, highly commended choreography and highly commended drama. Macleans College has truly put on a terrific performance and deserves their incredibly well-earned second place. 

Leana Ferguson – who is the main character of the dance – also was awarded the highly prestigious award of Star Of The Show.

ShowQuest is a group of thirty-five passionate dancers who take part in the regional and national competitions. We rehearse multiple times a week, for the entire year up to performance for our 10 minute dance. The commitment and dedication from every individual member in the team is what makes ShowQuest, ShowQuest.

This is unique from all the other extracurriculars at Macleans College. The laughs, and jokes that spread across the Mansfield commons as we do our best to reach our full potential. Our choreographers put their heart and soul to create a performance that was memorable and impactful. This is a team that everyone loves to be a part of and will always have a special place in our hearts.

-Fiona Karani, ShowQuest leader – Year 13

A massive congratulations to the team who have worked incredibly hard since the beginning, and thank you to Miss Burnett as well as Mrs Petreski for their help and guidance.

If you missed this performance, be sure to come to the Macleans Gala this year to see it!

18th June, 2024
Written by Emma Li, edited by Hope Zhang and Aaron Huang
Photos provided by ShowQuest Team

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