On June 12th, the much-awaited Talent Quest kicked off with Day One of the preliminary round, featuring three exceptional acts demonstrating a wide array of talent.

With high expectations and an anticipated crowd, Richard Tao was the first to showcase his talent. Last year, he had wowed the crowd with his Rubik’s Cube solving skills, solving them while blindfolded and only using one hand. His performance this year was most definitely nothing short of extraordinary, which included solving a pyramid (31.825 seconds), an irregular cube (10.122 seconds), a dodecahedron (47.159 seconds), a one-hand attempt (13.228 seconds), and a 2×2 cube, (2.012 seconds) all of which had been scrambled by members of the audience. His incredible solves left the crowd screaming for more.

After Richard’s performance had set a high bar and left the crowd pumped up, the KDC Dance Group graced the stage next, delivering a Kpop Dance Medley. The cover seamlessly blended the graceful moves complimented by the charming tunes of Magnetic with the dynamic choreography that mirrored the intensity of Dice and Shut Down. Each movement was executed with precision, drawing the audience in and leaving them cheering wildly as the performance came to a close.

The final act featured Stephanie Lin, who took the stage with a mesmerising rendition of (insert) on the Guzheng or Chinese Harp. With each pluck of a string, she captivated the crowd with the Guzheng’s rich tradition and soul-stirring melodies. The ancient tune evoked a profound sense of tranquillity and mystique, perfectly drawing a close to Day One of the Talent Quest Preliminary Round.

In preparation for the Talent Quest, performers diligently practised and when the moment arrived to showcase their skills, their hard work was evident as they poured their hearts into their performances. Reflecting on the experience, KDC leader Taylor Ma remarked “I think for all of us, it was very exciting as well [as] nerve-wracking, as it was our first performance of the year and our year 9’s first ever.”

Fellow KDC member Angela Yang added, “The after-school and morning practices did pay off, although everyone was nervous but [sic] once on stage, everyone gave their all and it felt truly amazing.”

The first day of the Talent Quest was undeniably exceptional, with the diverse range of performances amazing the crowd, leaving them excited and wanting more as they exited the gym. “The performances on Day One were spectacular. I cannot wait for the second day” exclaimed Year 12 student Sophia Luo, capturing the sentiment shared by many as they eagerly anticipated what Day Two would bring.

Each act over the two days of the Talent Quest’s preliminary round was nothing short of a spectacular performance, all unique in their own ways and blowing the audience away with ease. The preliminary round of the Talent Quest has left everyone excited, wanting more, and their much-anticipated wait will be fulfilled next Friday at the Talent Quest Finals

Thursday, June 20th
Written by Aaron Huang, edited by Emma Li
Photography by Kanishk Soni

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