With Day One of Talent Quest complete, the second day of the preliminary round took place promptly on June 14th, featuring a diverse range of musical performances.

Up first was the dance duo Selena and Persephone. With their electrifying medley dance cover including 2 On, Run the World and Money, the performance seamlessly transitioned between smooth and sharp, explosive movements. The performance was nothing but spectacular, yielding enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

Following the magnificent performance by Selena and Persephone, the Sensational Six took the stage next. The band pleased the crowd with their lulling tunes, performing the song Until I Found You. Ironically, the soothing melodies garnered roaring applause from the audience as they were wowed by the soulful cover.

The Sensational Six’s amazing performance was followed by a musical production, featuring Allen, Alan and Tommy, who played several tunes from the iconic game Genshin Impact, including Bard’s Adventure and Rage Beneath the Mountains. An apparent contrast between their calming intro and the energetic melodies that followed proved to be a hit for the crowd as they cheered wildly.

Glen Fern graced the stage next, intriguing the crowd with their unique outfits that carried a great sense of mystery. Not long after though, they left the crowd screaming with their powerful cover of Viva La Vida. Lead singer Adrian Chan’s excellent showmanship was nothing short of spectacular, having kept the crowd cheering on for the duration of the performance.

To end Day Two off with a bang, The Cool Biscuits came to the stage, also performing Until I Found You. However, the rendition had its own unique twists, featuring adventurous harmonies and a rich melody, flawlessly entrancing the audience in their memorable performance.

Day Two of Talent Quest most certainly matched the excitement and thrilling performances seen on the first day. Much like the Day One performers, these performances also took a great deal of hard work and determination. The Cool Biscuits drummer Alston Yam commented, “The arrangement of our performance piece started back in January when we came up with the idea of performing for Talent Quest. The stress was not apparent in the weeks before the performance, however [sic] it came into play the day before. We had a last-minute rehearsal the night before Friday, and it definitely helped us get into ‘the flow state’ just in time.”

A massive congratulations to all those who showcased their exceptional skills at this, best of luck to everyone in making the finals.

Friday, June 21st
Written by Aaron Huang
Photography by Emma Li

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