On Saturday, April 1st, Macleans College hosted its first Community Carnival, a fun-filled day for all those who were involved! 

Food and attractions

The exciting event featured a range of attractions, from outdoor games to amusement rides, and an indoor inflatable castle.In addition to the entertaining attractions, the carnival featured a range of delicious food selections, which included Akemi’s Gyoza’s Asian-inspired cuisine, Crate Kitchen’s burgers, fries and toasties with an NZ twist, and the classic favourte, Mr Whippy serving up cold sweet treats, and many many more.

Student-teacher stalls

Throughout the day, many diligent students and teachers at Macleans also worked together on stalls to deliver amazing services and products for attendees. On the south side of the school, there were Batten’s Second-Hand Ball Clothes sale, Mansfield’s Gumboot Toss and ice block sales, Rutherford’s bubble tea, and Kupe’s preloved books sale. On the north side of the school, there was the Hillary’s tea hut, TK’s photo booth, Snell’s sausage sizzle and candy floss, and Upham’s activities for children under 5, such as face painting and a petting zoo. Additionally, the 13BUS and Media Studies students organised a sale of business group marketing products and a drop-in cinema, respectively.

Student entertainment

To complete the carnival, the event grounds included a designated indoor area where attendees could enjoy performances by the virtuoso musicians, dancers, actresses/actors and singers of Macleans, from groups such as the Chorale, Senior Saxophone Quartet, Bollywood Dance and Shakespeare Festival. Additionally, a set piece from the upcoming Macleans Musical Production was showcased.

April 2, 2023
Aaron Huang

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