While a majority of the sports held at Macleans are well-known for their physical feats and intense training that goes along with the competitions, there’s a growing niche coming out into the spotlight. The Macleans Esports club. Run by Mr Cardy, it’s nearing almost six hundred members this year. It would be an insult to call this a small speciality only for a small group of people. 

During Term 2, there are over twenty teams representing Macleans College in inter-school. Their games range from Valorant, one of the most popular cultures surfacing, to competitive online chess. This inter-school competition casts a wide net for competitors, as it involves both New Zealand and Australian players. Despite the large number of players, the Valorant team of Macleans Prem 1 somehow managed to come on top over a thousand players within the first week. Closely following behind is Macleans Colts 9, just another showcase of the skilled players that reside at our school. Within the top eight, five of those teams belong to Macleans.

It’s not only the gifted plays that’s a spectacle, it’s the high quality streams that come with it as well. Five teams broadcast a variety of games throughout the week, and not to mention it’s entirely student-run. For an hour or so, a team of three or more students sit down and bring the games to life with their rapid-paced commentary, streamed live on a Twitch channel.

Macleans Esports has evolved to a point where they’ve been playing in big stadiums, the faith is placed into our players’ hand to take the win for another year. Good luck and have fun to our twenty-three teams!

May 10th, 2023
Emma Li

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