Following the success of the recent Rutherford-Kupe carnival, Te Kanawa and Hillary have decided to collaborate and organise a lunchtime carnival of their own: the ‘Mount Taniwha Carnival’, which took place on Friday, June 23rd.

Hillary’s contribution to the carnival featured a wide array of carnival foods, ramen, pizza, cheeseburgers, doughnuts, ice cream and boba among many other classics. The food was a hit among the attendees, with many complimenting the quality and variety of options available.

“The food was so good it was worth the crowd stampede”

Year 12 student, Te Kanawa

The delicious carnival foods sold at Hillary were accompanied by the exciting lineup of musicians who provided entertainment to the attendees in Te Kanawa. Musical groups including: ‘Glen Fern’, ‘The Saxxy Men’, as well as ‘The Fingers and The Blows’ were featured. Additionally, Te Kanawa’s small house choir, which had previously taken second place during the Small House Choir Competition earlier in the year also performed at the carnival. The musical performances were well-received by the audience, with many attendees leaving the carnival impressed by the talent and skills of these groups.

“The Saxxy Men’s performance was outstanding like usual, brought a really good atmosphere on the rainy day”

-Year 9 student, Kupe

The Mount Taniwha Carnival proved to be a great success, with many attendees leaving the carnival with happy memories of the musical acts as well as satisfied stomachs.

“The carnival had an incredibly supportive atmosphere filled with entertainment and enterprise. The students’ house spirit was evident and their hard work paid off”

Year 12 student, Te Kanawa

June 25th, 2023
Aaron Huang
Photography by Daniel Hulley and Joseph Zhang

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