On Tuesday 18 July the annual UNICEF Day was held, involving over 100 students who collaborated for a homemade bakesale to raise money for charity.

Gathering students and staff alike, the charity event was a huge success. UNICEF club students baked a variety of baked goods from brownies, and cupcakes to cinnamon rolls, and brought them to the school for the bake sale.

The event raised nearly $1000, all of which will be going to UNICEF.

The UNICEF club also organised a charity drink sale at athletics day, which made over $800; currently selling chocolate boxes; and will be holding bucket collections in the future with a club growing over 400 students.

UNICEF Executives Eric Deng (Mansfield House), Olivia Lin (Batten), William Huang (Mansfield), Cecilia Ma (Mansfield), Nishtha Prasad (Mansfield), Behrad Etemadipour (Batten), Leo Mamedov (Kupe), and Wesley Lau (Kupe) managed, coordinated, and oversaw all aspects of the charity fundraiser initiative.

Back Row: Eric Deng, Leo Mamedov, William Huang, Wesley Lau
Front Row: Behrad Etemadipour, Nishtha Prasad, Cecilia Ma, Olivia Lin

Many thanks to Mrs. Heeney for her continued support, and all the students who were involved in the organisation of this fantastic fundraising event.

Written by Eric Deng, edited by Shafquat Tabeeb

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