Joshua Leevers (Kupe), school prefect

During Week 5 of Term 3, students got a chance to participate in Make A Student Happy (MASH) Week, also known as Student Wellbeing Week. MASH Week is a yearly tradition at Macleans usually scheduled the week before mock exams to encourage students to take care of themselves during a busy part of the year.

The first activity was during Monday lunchtime. Students flocked to Mansfield House to participate in Kahoot! and Blooket quizzes. The stakes were high; people were stealing gold left and right and there was a lot of yelling.

On Tuesday, students went back to Mansfield House to indulge in some morning yoga. There was more, however, including an event for students to express their creativity and pride during lunchtime. Students could pick up a stick of chalk and write positive messages on the pathways in front of Hillary House. Not only that, the house mascots would give you hugs if you wanted!

Come Wednesday, students brought their own cups to drink hot chocolate outside of Batten and Mansfield and finally received their long-awaited compliments during form time. Compliments are a sweet tradition where students can send thoughtful messages to their peers, while the collection of these messages occurred the week before.

At lunch, the prefects held a widely-loved karaoke session where students were singing their hearts out. Even the amazing Danny Chou came to give everyone an amazing performance!

Honestly, probably the most fun part was the MASH Week drawing board in Rutherford where I could write or draw anything I wanted. It was fun trolling my friends on it and making way too many furry amonguses.

Tahzeeb Tahiat (Rutherford)

Thursday was mufti day, meaning everyone could dress in casual, comfortable clothes as long as they brought a $2 donation. The proceeds of these donations are going towards the various charities the school supports via their houses.

At lunch, more chaotic energy was released in a jump jam session down at the gym.

Despite only having one MASH event, Friday was the highlight of the week. It was staff versus prefects in a thrilling game of speedball. Even Mr Hargreaves played! The teachers came out victorious and more voices were lost.

Many thanks to the prefects who prepared and organised the events. Good luck to all the Cambridge students taking their mock exams!

August 21st, 2023
Written by Clarissa Oblefias, edited by Aaron Huang and Emma Li
Photography by Emma Li, Kanishk Soni, and Stella Wu

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