On Thursday, August 31st, Snell and Upham collaborated to host an unforgettable final house-led carnival for the year. Featuring mouth-watering food and drinks, as well as virtuoso performances, the carnival attracted students from all over the Macleans College campus to join in on the fun.

Snell featured a wide range of carnival classics, which included sausage sizzle, doughnuts, cupcakes, pizza and Mr Whippy. Upham certainly did not disappoint with their own food options, further diversifying the culinary delights at the carnival with subway cookies, French fries, baked treats and bubble tea. The food offered proved to be a resounding success for both houses. With such a wide range of options to choose from, everyone left with a full stomach, impressed by the flavours and quality of the food.

“I enjoyed my Gong Cha, and the atmosphere was great.”

-William Lee, Year 11 Student

In addition to the delicious food and refreshing beverages, the carnival also offered a lineup of musical performances to keep attendees entertained. Beside the Snell Commons, there was a lively and energetic K-pop dance cover mashup from KDC, a group that previously performed at the Night of Intercultural. The performance effortlessly got all the viewers grooving to the beats as the performers pulled off their impressive dance moves flawlessly. 

The crowd could not help but cheer as the infectious vibes of the performance spread. Inside the Upham Commons, there was a J-pop song cover, bringing the melodious tunes of Japanese music to the event. The beautiful melodies and soulful lyrics captivated the audience, with many swaying and humming along to the music.

“It was a wonderful experience enjoying the performances and delicious food, all while knowing we were supporting a good cause [RSA].”

-Amber Ho, Year 12 Student

The lunchtime carnival held by Snell and Upham was a delightful experience for all, with the food and drinks in addition to the entertainment lineup making the day an unforgettable experience.

3rd September, 2023
Written by Aaron Huang, edited by Emma Li and Clarissa Oblefias
Photography by Emma Li, Kanishk Soni and Stella Wu

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