On Thursday, November 27th, the 2024 Peer Support Leaders cohort underwent a day-long training session at the Bentley Pavilion.

The Peer Support Leader is a prestigious position providing an excellent opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate initiative, leadership and effective teamwork. 

The day of training started with a My Mihi activity in which students got to familiarise themselves with fellow Peer Support Leaders from their own house. This was followed by a multitude of classroom lectures that would prepare the Peer Support Leaders to effectively deal with new Year 9 students, such as affirming diversity, communication, tricky scenarios and much more.

After lunch, the Peer Support Leaders headed outside to the turf for a hands-on lecture, having a go at several games they could organise for the Year 9 students next year during peer support sessions. This lecture quickly turned into chaos as students competed neck to neck to win these mini-games.

Once the games had all finished, the Peer Support Leaders got into their respective houses to chat with their Deputy House Leaders on a variety of topics such as camp and expectations with Year 9 students before finishing the day off with ice blocks and an evaluation of the training as a whole.

As such, a huge congratulations goes to all the 2024 Peer Support Leaders, your role will be critical in helping the new Year 9 students to adjust to life at Macleans College.

6th December, 2023
Written by Aaron Huang, edited by Amelia Hu and Emma Li
Photography by Joseph Zhang

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