Note: This entire article is satire and an April Fool’s joke.

Oh, how joyous it is indeed, the wonderful phenomenon known as ‘grass.’ Now, many Macleans students may not be quite familiar with such a subject perchance, as most of us are shut inside of our own rooms, cramming our NCEA or Cambridge studies. However, one must take the time to trespass out into the unknown world such as the outside, where new fears shall come together and come and join as one.

The outdoors.

The outdoors is quite unfamiliar. Brutal winds that seem to accumulate such as a breeze, and tall trees that stand higher than the awful scaling that happened on your physics exam last term. For all we know, the trees may begin to test you about biology, such as the function of the xylem.

But two bold friends of mine, the Aaron “The Economist”, Huang, and the Jessie “The Video Editor” Zhang, decided to venture out onto the Macleans flora, and begin to witness and experience what is known as the lovely thing named, grass. The three of us embarked on a bizarre adventure, getting absolutely brutalised by the surrounding nature around us.

Aaron Huang was completely amazed by the vastness of nature, as his mind finally stepped out from the world of A-Level Economics and his market structure diagrams; he unfortunately did not have the time to write another five-page essay about how touching grass would affect New Zealand’s aggregate demand. 

Jessie Zhang was simply unable to face the harsh waves of light, the only thing her damaged pupils would be able to see is her After Effects program is always curtained in a dim dark mode – her sleep-deprived eye bags would amount to the same colour.

Personally, I was in a drastic shock, not knowing that I was in the ‘real’ jungle now, and not screaming “JUNGLE DIFF” every single time I committed to another toxic game of League of Legends. 

It was fascinating for the three of us all, to see the highly unusual thing known as the outdoors. After all, we are all burdened by News Committee work, who really has the real opportunity to bathe in this unusual nature?

1st April, 2024
Written by Emma Li, edited by Aaron Huang
Photography by Emma Li

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