Cultures and flavours blended together on Tuesday the 9th of April as the annual International Food Festival was held. Various cuisines from across the globe were showcased at the festival, by several cultural groups at Macleans, ranging from milk tea to samosas.  

The lively atmosphere of celebration transformed the amphitheatre into a centre where cultures and flavours converged. Food items such as mochi, tteokbokki, sotteok sotteok and dango were sold.  The dishes and drinks for sale illustrated the deep connection between students and culture, creating a celebration of heritage, diaspora and community. 

Attendees were greeted with a wide array of culinary experiences as well as a celebration of identity. The event coincided with an intercultural mufti day which encouraged students to dress up in clothing and attire from their own culture to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion. Across the campus, vibrant kimonos, cheongsams and saris were worn by many students. 

A popular K-Pop random dance event was also held where students could engage with like-minded individuals and promote a wide range of K-Pop artists and groups. 

As the event drew to a close, it proved to demonstrate the unifying power of food and also highlighted a deeper appreciation for the cultures that make up Macleans College and an attestation to the rich tapestry of diversity within the student body.

The money raised from the Food Festival will continue to go towards Multicultural New Zealand. 

A huge thank you to everyone who made the international food festival possible, including Mrs Hoshino as well as the Intercultural Committee Executives for allowing students to showcase their cultural food and talent here at Macleans.

3rd May, 2024
Written by Amelia Hu, edited by Aaron Huang
Photos by Emma Li

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