On the 1st of March 2023, the annual Macleans Extracurricular Expo was held in the Barbara Kendall Gym with the intention of helping Year 9s and other new students find an activity they can enjoy at the school. As the saying goes, “with so much choice, you can never be bored at Macleans College”!

While many existing extracurriculars were advertising their club, clubs such as the Ethics Olympiad and the Meditation Club were some of the new additions to the growing list of activities.

The Ethics Olympiad is a club where teams will debate about world problems and find solutions to said problems. Their first meeting is for seniors on Wednesday 8th March.

When asked what makes the Ethics Olympiad different from our already-existing Debating Club, representative Adam Choong said, “It’s not about winning for the sake of winning. It’s about finding solutions to world problems together. There’s no right or wrong.”

For some sporting teams, gym equipment such as rowing machines and gym mats were laid out for people to try or watch as representatives demonstrated their talents. Two gymnasts were flipping and tumbling and people had fun with the table tennis that anyone could try with a friend.

For cultural groups, people dressed in their cultural attire. The Korean Fan Dance girls were in their hanbok and the Chinese Lion Dance group even had a person walking around in a lion costume!

School prefect Caelyn Pak also had a stall for her run club. She said the expo was important for the school to “showcase all the extracurriculars we have. People come down with friends with the intention of joining groups together.”

Overall, the event was a success and we hope to see more student involvement as the term follows.


2 Mar 2023
Clarissa Oblefias

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