Armageddon is a wide-scale weekend event held at ASB showgrounds every year, filled to the brim with stalls, events, and games for everyone to participate in. Armageddon is an event mainly based on the interests of nerds, geeks, and anyone who’s an enjoyer of pop-culture.

This year, some students had the opportunity to represent Macleans College in a League of Legends and Valorant tournament held by the University of Waikato over the long weekend.

The Macleans Esports Club (MCEC), run by Mr Cardy along with other teachers, has been involved throughout numerous competitions this year.

In term 1, Macleans held an intraschool competition to determine who were the best players for the inter-school competition in term 2. Now, during the long weekend, Macleans students had the opportunity to compete live in one of the largest conventions of the year.

On Saturday June the 3rd, three students from Macleans College competed in the League of Legends competition held by Waikato University. Richie Zhang, Bill Liu, and Davin Chan competed against numerous other schools around Auckland. They held a strong dominance over the competition, quoted as “unstoppable” by casters. 

The very next day, another group of MCE members came to Armageddon to cast Valorant instead. After a tight fight with Macleans team of Munch, who consisted of Joseph Wu, Mansher Bhullar, and Joshua Stephens, another Macleans team took the victory. Leo Huynh, Oscar Yan, and Kim Wang are the members of victorious team Wronski Fanclub. 

Macleans College not only brought players to the event, but they also brought a big team of commentators to hype up each round for the audience. Each duo swapped in and out for every round, giving in their own essence and touch to the game.

Matthew Shih and Kier Smith on Saturday commentating

In the end, every Macleans student who attended the giant event came home feeling accomplished by their wins and their moments.

June 4th, 2023
Emma Li

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