The annual Intercultural Food Festival took place in the amphitheatre on Friday, June 9, organised by the Intercultural Club Committee (ICC).

Various ICC groups collaborated to offer a diverse range of foods representing different cultures. Students from the school had the opportunity to savour delicacies such as tteokbokki, sotteok, bulgogi, choripán, samosas, wontons, mango lassi, egg tarts, pani puri, herb jelly, milk tea, and mandu, embracing the rich tapestry of culinary traditions.

In addition to the Food Festival, the ICC Executive team arranged a highly successful intercultural mufti day. Students were encouraged to wear traditional attire from their own cultures or display the colours of their national flags. This led to a vibrant display of clothing, including cheongsams, panjabis, saris, kimonos, and more, exemplifying the remarkable diversity within Macleans College.

The smooth operation of these popular events was overseen by Intercultural President Shafquat Tabeeb (Mansfield House) and Vice-Presidents Lily Kim (Mansfield) and Allan Han (Batten), along with executive team members Cecilia Ma (Mansfield) and Leo Mamedov (Kupe).

Through the Food Festival and generous gold coin donations, the event was able to raise proceeds which will be contributed to Multicultural New Zealand, a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting migrants, international students, and refugees in their integration into local communities, providing settlement support and valuable guidance.

Special thanks are extended to the teachers-in-charge and Mrs Hoshino of the ICC Committee for their dedication and support in organising this successful event.

Participating Intercultural Clubs at the Food Festival included Chinese Girls Dance, Korean Drums, Lion Dance, Chinese Flag Dance, Bollywood and Punjabi Dance, Kpop, Chinese Culture Club, Latin Club, Chinese Chess Club, Korean Culture Association, Korean Dance, Art Club, and Anime Club.

June 14th, 2023
Shafquat Tabeeb & Aaron Huang

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