Earlier this week on Wednesday, July 26th, a small group of Macleans College students participated in the ‘Shave For A Cure’ fundraiser by shaving their heads. The participants from Macleans raised money totaling over $16,000, well over their initial goal of $15,000.

“It was really fun, and especially when my ear got nicked by the razor!”

-Adriel Guanzon, Shave For A Cure participant

“I think it (Shave For A Cure) is a good cause and am proud I and all the other shavers have done our part in raising money and awareness for those affected by Leukaemia and blood cancer. I am also thankful for all those who have donated and attended the shaving event.”

-Hexun Wang, Shave For A Cure participant

To top off the fundraising, participants also shaved off their hair in solidarity with cancer patients who often lose their hair during treatment. This act not only demonstrated the participants’ collective support but also helped raise awareness about the struggles faced by cancer patients.

Shave For a Cure is an event hosted by ‘Leukemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand’ (LBC), a non-government organisation that relies on donors and fundraising to provide core services for those living with blood cancer or a serious blood condition. These services include patient support programmes, research, information, awareness, and advocacy.

The event itself encourages participants to raise money which will be donated to the LBC, funding access to the latest treatments, medications and therapies that may otherwise be beyond a patient’s means. The efforts of participants will directly be making significant differences in the lives of cancer patients. Additionally, the money raised will also go towards the advancement of cancer research, enabling the development of current treatments while also contributing towards finding a cure for cancer.

A heartfelt thanks goes towards Miss Rose for her support in running the event and all the students who were involved in the fundraising for Shave For A Cure. These efforts will provide massive help for those affected by blood cancer or serious blood conditions.

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