On Tuesday the 1st of August, Interact held their annual bake sale. This fantastic initiative raised over $800 in support of Cystic Fibrosis NZ, a charity that provides crucial aid to those in Aotearoa who are battling this genetic lung disease.

More than 100 club members participated in the event, from poster making and advertising to baking the goods and manning the stalls. There was an irresistible array of mouthwatering goods, ranging from pink and white glazed cake pops adorned with heart-shaped sprinkles to chocolate, oreo, blueberry, and biscoff cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. The rocky road filled with marshmallows and jelly candy sold out almost instantly. Best of all, the baked goods were very affordable for students, priced at only $1-$2 for each item! 

The turnout was incredibly successful, drawing students and staff alike to the amphitheatre, all eager for a delicious treat. Interact, one of the largest service clubs in the school with over 300 members, has had a remarkably successful fundraising year, and the bake sale served as another notable addition to their list of achievements.

The event was organised by the Interact executive team Shafquat Tabeeb, Caelyn Pak, Amber Ho, Cecilia Ma, Ivan Yun, Mika Ramsing, Nethra Tennakoon, and Eason Chee. A special thank you goes to Ms. Matthew-Wards for organising the logistics of this event, as well as the students and staff who volunteered and supported the event.

Interact executive team (from left to right): Cecilia Ma, Nethra Tennakoon, Eason Chee, Amber Ho, Mika Ramsing, Ivan Yun, Shafquat Tabeeb, and Caelyn Pak

Written by Amber Ho, edited by Shafquat Tabeeb
Photography by Emma Li

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