On the 5th of December, the annual Big House Choir Competition took place, an event typically held to celebrate house spirit and to end the school year. Junior students rallied together to perform the songs that they had been rehearsing for several weeks. 

The competition proved to be an amazing stage for friendly competition, showcasing both talent and camaraderie. It was judged by Dr. Miles, Mrs. McNabb and Miss Burnett according to the criteria, which included musicality, harmony, dynamics, timing and presentation. 

This year’s theme focused on Disney (a much-welcomed change to last year’s Christmas songs). All choirs were student-directed with the necessary oversight of teachers and house leaders. 

Snell took the spotlight performing Circle of Life from The Lion King, incorporating captivating choreography alongside a segment in Te Reo Māori. Te Kanawa claimed second place and Rutherford claimed third with the houses performing We’re All in This Together from High School Musical and We Know the Way from Moana, respectively. 

Other houses also performed remarkable songs including Where You Are from Moana (Kupe), Wouldn’t Change a Thing from Camp Rock (Mansfield), The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book (Hillary), The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Upham) and Hakuna Matata (Batten) both from The Lion King. 

Some highlights from the performances included the presence of house mascots, elements of cheerleading, props and various house-related paraphernalia. Several performances also involved heartfelt farewells to leaving house leaders Mrs. Bass and Ms. Hon. 

Most importantly, the competition is a chance for juniors to bond, connect with their peers and celebrate house pride. 

All performances are available for viewing on YouTube through the Macleans College News Committee pages. Congratulations to Snell, Te Kanawa and Rutherford for securing victory! A truly unforgettable end to 2023. 

5th December, 2023
Written by Amelia Hu, edited by Aaron Huang

Photography by Emma Li and Joseph Zhang

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