Another classic annual event that every Macleans student gets to experience – Junior Picnic Day. Held on the 4th of December, every single Year 9 and 10 student came to school ready in their P.E gear. After their hard work during the end-of-year exams, junior students got to have some fun with their form class during the last two days of school. The field turned into an array of colours during the day.

Activities ranged from gumboot throwing, human barrel-racing, sack race, jump rope, and much more. Students were encouraged to participate in every single activity, gaining points for their house every time they scored something. The spirit was high all around, and everyone wanted to make sure they were beating their opposition form class. 

While the weather was a bit down as it almost started to pour during certain times of the day, the everlasting energy of junior students never wavered. Activities continued to run, with both teachers and students taking part under the cold, annoying rain. 

Another staple moment of Macleans College was the tug-of-war competition which took place after lunch. Every form class first went up against the other form class in their house, seeing who would come on top to compete in the semi-finals and the finals. The finals surprisingly consisted of the most infamous houses of the school, Upham and Snell.

After an atrocious battle between 09PATU and 09GANS, 09PATU came out on top, wrecking Snell in the process. The Year 10 classes were no different, as 10HEYU absolutely topped 10BWSS. The Upham students were rejoicing for one of their first wins of the year after an entire year of an empty wall with no shields. 

Despite the poor weather, the juniors of Macleans never failed to have another fun day outside, playing games with their friends and representing their house pride. A true Macleans classic.

6th December, 2023
Written by Emma Li, edited by Aaron Huang
Photography by Emma Li, Joseph Zhang and Daniel Hulley

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